Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Busy Morning

Today we had to get up early to go and help my grandmother do some gardening.

Lisa here surprised me by rising early and getting dressed.
Lisa: Can I come to, please!
Me: Oh, alright then. But you have to promise the behave.
Lisa: Oh yes, I promise!

Lisa: Why aren't we taking the car?
Me: Because Dad wants to test the motorhome, it just got registered.
Lisa: Registered with what?
Me: Never mind.

Lisa: I can't see!

Me: Need some help?
Lisa: Yes please.

Me: Ok.

Me: Up you go.
Lisa: Yay!

Lisa: Wow, we're so high!

Lisa: I can see a car coming!

We arrived at our grandmother's house and began planting.

We planted the bigger plants.......

......while Lisa planted a small flower.

What better to cool you down on a hot day than
good old H2O!

Lisa also made friends with a fairy, and chattered with her
while we finished up the garden.

Soon after, it was time to leave.

Lisa was tired and so she had a lay down on my hat.

The smell of food quickly roused her.
Lisa: Oh yummy!!

Me: No, not for you! That's far too much pie for one little doll.

Once home, Lisa flopped down onto her lounge.
Lisa: Whew, I'm so tired.

Me: Well before you do anything else in those dirty clothes,
why don't you have a bath and get changed.
Lisa: Alright.

Lisa: Will these clothes do?
Me: Yep.

Lisa: Shoes off.......


Lisa: Aaaahhhh.
Me: *chuckles*

What a great way to end a busy morning.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. That was one of the most beautiful and adorable things I have seen a long time!!!
    Keep it up Rosie!

    1. Thank you!
      Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. You have a beautiful imagination Rosie!
      In fact, you and your blog have inspired be to start collecting toys again!
      Your never too old for them! And I think that the Sylvanian families are ADORABLE! I also LOVE your Emmaline Grace doll! She looks so real!

    3. Thanks very much!
      I'm so pleased to hear that you like my blog and that you wish to start collecting again! You're right, I believe that you're never to old to use your imagination!
      Thank you once again!