Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I just had to post this!

Ok, so I just went to see some really close friends today, that I haven't seen in ages! They have horses, and for those of you who don't already know I love horses and really enjoy riding them! I have had lessons but haven't ridden for a few months.

So today when I arrived one of the girls was already out waiting at the gate on her sister's 13.3hh skewbald mare. She followed  us to the house and she immediately asked if I wanted to ride! I said yes and we went to find me a helmet and catch her horse, a 14.2hh skewbald gelding, for me to ride. We caught him and I hopped on. Oh, and did I mention we were both bareback?

Now for some people, including my friend, riding bareback is not a big deal. For me however it is way out of my comfort zone. I've only ever ridden bareback at a walk and slow trot and always in a small pen. Now here I was in a massive paddock on a big horse with no saddle! I said to myself, " Well, what's the worst that can happen? Me fall off, that's what!" I guess that's inevitable if you want to ride horses. So I just rolled with it.

My friend led the way across the paddock towards the driveway and the front gate. We arrived at the bottom of a hill, and at the top was the gate.We stopped.
My friend said, " Let's race to the top!"

I was nervous, but agreed. We lined up our horses and as I grabbed my mount's thick black and white mane my friend shouted," Go!"

I kicked my horse and he shot after my friend's mare, cantering up the hill. At first I was horrified, I thought I would fall, and as my gelding gained on the mare in front he got so close I thought she'd kick out! Gritting my teeth I let go of the mane with one hand and steered him to the side to overtake my friend. As I overtook her she let out a start of surprise.

We reached the top and I halted my horse. My heart was pounding. My friend informed me that in fact, my horse had been going at quite a slow canter. It certainly didn't feel like that to me. I felt like I was galloping up that hill! :) I had cantered on other horses before, but never bareback.

So that was the highlight of my day, sorry for rambling but I just had to post this. XD
Unfortunately I didn't get photos or video, but the experience is imprinted on my mind. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. lucky lucky you, that must have been so fun!

    1. At the time it was a scary type of fun! LOL!
      Then after the initial shock XD it was awesome!