Monday, 30 January 2012

Late Afternoon

   It's a wonderful late afternoon in Willow Tree Village. The sun is low in the sky and many of the villagers are preparing dinner. Let's go and see what some of them are up to.
    Over at the Beechwood Hall, the Walnuts are having guests, the Mulberrys and the Brighteyes are over for dinner. Let's go inside and see what's happening.
   In the kitchen, Yardley Walnut is busily cooking dinner for her family and their guests. Mmmm it smells delicious.
  Over in the dinning/play area, Mae Mulberry is setting the table. Look at that yummy cake for dessert.
  Quietly, at the bottom of the stairs, Belinda Brighteyes is playing with young Alyssa. They are trying to build a giant tower.
 While in the sitting room, Elma Mulberry is looking through the magazine rack. He seems to have found one that he likes.
Motike Boarhound is Ralph's favourite explorer. He's showing Ike his poster and book. Ralph wants to be like him when he grows up.
 They have to be very quiet though, because little Alfie is fast asleep in his bed. His mother will probably wake him up when dinner is ready.
  Meanwhile, in the parent's bedroom, Cedric is dressing his son Ambrose into his PJs. Then he will be ready for bed once they have had dinner and dessert.
 Over in the children's bedroom, Peter Brighteyes is looking for the girls to tell them that dinner is almost ready.
 He finds them on the porch, nibbling away at some cookies. I suppose Peter will have to remind them that it's not a good idea to eat before dinner.
 Well, why don't we leave them to eat their dinner and see what else is going on in the village.
 Over at the Watermill Bakery It's closing time and Christopher Appleblossom is just cleaning up. However, the Keats family have made it just in time to grab a loaf of bread for breakfast in the morning.
 Down in the village square, Gordon Doughty is just locking up his Hamburger Wagon when Maurice Chantilly walks past on his way home from the park. The two friends shake hands joyfully.
   Meanwhile at the Chocolate's house, the Maces family are over for dinner. No cooking tonight though, as Harvey and Spencer have just returned from the bakery with plenty of fresh rolls and sandwiches for everyone.
    Whilst this is all going on, the babies are playing a game of Hide and Seek. Young Creme is it, but she can't seem to find anyone. Can you?
Look at what delicacies await them once dinner is over. Yummy!
  In the kitchen, Freya is helping her mother put away the ice-creams they bought home from the Ice-cream Cart.
  Baby Breeze is asleep in her cot. I wonder what she is dreaming about?
Down in the bedroom, Coco is playing with Mark and Nicole Maces. They can't wait for dinner to be ready.

   Well, what a lovely visit to Willow Tree Village this has been. Be sure to come with us next time. Bye!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sylvanian Cookies

Hi Everyone,
I'm going to show you guys how to make some Sylvanian cookies.
I made this batch earlier.
Be advised, like many Sylvanian family items these cookies are very small and could get lost easily.

These are the things you will need.
Jell Pens ( for decorating )
A Shape Puncher
Thin Compact Cardboard

   Firstly, you will need to get your shape puncher and use it to cut out your cookie shapes from the cardboard.

Next, grab your jell pens and give them cookies a makeover. I'm going for a Christmas theme.
Then put them on a little plate and hay-presto! A bunch of homemade Sylvanian cookies. Have fun, and enjoy!

Please comment.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Sylvanian Necklace & Earrings

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm going to show you how to make a Sylvanian necklace and earrings.
Here are some I made earlier.
It look the best on my rabbit mother Terri. The bead on the end goes through the loop on the other end of the necklace to secure it.

This is what you will need.
String of pearls ( purchased or home made )
Small beads
Hot Glue Gun

    Firstly, cut a length of pearl string about 11cm long, but measure just in case.

Now for the hard part. Make a loop at one end of the string. Make it just big enough to push one of your beads through, but not so big that it slips right back out. Then glue the loop in place.
Next, get one of your beads.....

....and then glue it to the other end of your string.

Then, cut two pieces of elastic about 4cm long. Remember to measure around the ears first.

Next, glue the ends together to form a circle.
Then get you other beads........
......and glue them to the elastic like so.
And Hey-presto! A pearl necklace and earrings!

Good luck and enjoy!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sylvanian Baby Carrier

Hi Everyone.
I'm going to show you how to make a Sylvanian baby carrier.
 This is one I made earlier.

     It can be worn on the back or chest.

                         These are the things you will likely need.
Decorations of your choosing
Needle and thread or hot glue gun ( I will be using the hot glue gun )
A Ruler

      Firstly, cut some fabric about 5cm long and around 4cm wide.
If you are using a needle and thread then I would make it a bit bigger than this and then hem the edges.
Next cut some ribbon around 7cm long, but measure around your figure just to be safe.
 Then, glue (sew) one end of the ribbon to the side of the fabric like so.
Do the same to the other side.
Next, fold and glue (sew) the small section of excess fabric over the glued ends of the ribbon.
Turn it over and it should look like this.
Now for the fun part, decorating! I am using beads for mine.
Just glue (sew) your decorations on.
Then Hay-Presto! Your Very Own Sylvanian Baby Carrier.
This idea was really good for me since I had many sleeping babies but no prams to put them in, and it's often difficult to get the parents to hold them. Hope you enjoy this and please comment.