My Sylvanian Collection

This section of my blog will catalogue the sylvanian items that I own.


Welcome to BEECHWOOD HALL which comes with two working lights and has space for additional lights from the Home Interiors Set to be added to the other rooms.
The most exciting new feature however is the new LANDING SPACE on the first floor. The new triangular floor piece clips into place between the two bedrooms to create a landing. You can then move between the upstairs rooms easily, or even have the staircase coming up to the landing rather than straight into one of the upstairs rooms. Also the middle floor piece is now reversable with a wooden floor on one side, and green grass on the other.
Figures and Furniture not included.

Country Kitchen Set

This kitchen set was previously known as Applewood Kitchen in the Japanese Sylvanian range. Now launched in the main UK range, the Country Kitchen includes stove, dresser, sink unit, table & chairs along with a whole host of kitchen accessories.

Children's Bedroom Furniture Set

The bunk beds can also be used as two single beds. Features 2 small flocked teddy bears, bedding, books and a host of other accessories.

Street Market Set
Sylvanians love shopping and eating out, and taking a stroll into the Village Square this summer they will see the addition of two new market stalls. The new Street Market set includes a Crepe (pancake) Stall which sells delicious sweet and savoury crepes, along with a new Toy Wagon selling all manner of exciting toys and games for the Sylvanian children.
Figures not included.

Hamburger Wagon

The Hamburger Wagon has fold out counters and fold out rooftop seating area. Comes with lots of hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, rolls, drinks and other accessories. Also includes head chef character, dog father Gordon Doughty.

Ice-cream Cart

Set includes Ice-cream cart, bin, parasol and accessories.

Walnut Squirrel Family

Father Cedric Walnut is never happier than when he is organising something. If there is a big event to be planned in Sylvania, Cedric will be called upon to make sure everything comes together on time. Whether it is a carnival, a wedding or a birthday party, Cedric will make sure it is a day to remember. 

Mother Yardley Walnut runs the Sylvanian Beauty Salon. An expert beautician and hairdresser, Yardley loves nothing more than helping people to look their best. She always says, “Everyone has beauty in them and it’s my job to help that shine through!” Yardley especially likes pampering the other mothers in her salon as she gets to catch up on all the latest village news!

Brother Ralph Walnut is definitely the outdoor type. His trusty bicycle has carried him on some of his most exciting woodland expeditions and he is very rarely seen without it. Ralph thinks that he has had ridden his bike further, and had more punctures, than anyone else in Sylvania – including PC Bobby Roberts – which is why he never goes anywhere without his puncture repair kit!

Sister Saffron Walnut is just mad about the colour yellow and says her favourite things are sunshine and buttercups. Her wardrobe is full of yellow clothes and even her bedroom is painted in her favourite colour. Saffron drives her mother to distraction at breakfast time because the only thing she will eat on her toast is lemon curd, 

because – yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s yellow!

   Walnut Squirrel Twins

Alfie and Alyssa Walnut are possibly the best behaved babies in the Sylvanian Village.

Alyssa goes off to Primrose Nursery every day with a smile on her face as her mother, Yardley, kisses her goodbye. While Alfie sleeps peacefully in his push chair.

Walnut Squirrel Toddler
Ambrose is still only small, but his father Cedric says he is going to go on and do great things.

Maces Mouse Family

Father Spencer Maces is always kept busy as the manager of the ground floor at the House of Bramble's department store. There are always shelves to fill and customers to keep happy.

Mother Arvey Maces is the manageress of the House of Bramble's Cafe on the top floor of the department store. She is just as busy as her husband Spencer, but not as flustered.

Brother Mark Maces loves his job as deli every boy for the House of Brambles because it gets him out and about. He always has time for a chat and a gossip with the customers

Sister Nichole Maces works as a shop assistant with her parents. Her favorite job is serving ice creams because she has to taste them all just to make sure they are fresh!

Maces Mouse Twins

Baby John and Louise Maces love to play 'house' together in the large cardboard boxes in the store room. 
Their father only has to cut some windows and a door in the side of a box and they are happy for hours!

Chocolate Rabbit Family

Father Frasier Chocolate has been making sweets since he was a young boy and he's now a confectioner of the highest calibre. It all started when his mother showed him how to make crystallised fruit, which is very easy, but his chocolate creations today are a work of art as well as tasting heavenly.

Mother Teri Chocolate makes all the fillings for Frasier's chocolate creations, the strawberry surprise being the best. Her kitchen is always full of the rich smell of fruit mixed with the sweet smells of sugar and spices bubbling in pots. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it!

Brother Coco Chocolate is not permitted to help his father or mother in the preparation of their chocolate concoctions because he eats more than he makes! He's put to useful employment being the delivery boy for the family.

Sister Freya Chocolate, unlike her brother, doesn't eat sweets or chocolate so she helps her mother prepare the fillings. She does eat a lot of fruit though!
    Chocolate Rabbit Twins
Twins Brother Kabe and Sister Breeze Chocolate like to help clean up after their parents by licking clean the chocolate covered spoons and bowls Teri their mother is sure more chocolate is put on their clothes than in their tummies.

  Chocolate Rabbit Toddler

Creme Chocolate likes to help clean up after her parents by licking clean the chocolate covered spoons and bowls Teri her mother is sure more chocolate is put on her clothes than in her tummy.

Keats Cat Family

Father, Rossetti Longfellow Keats, his delicate puff pastry is a special treat. The Pastry Chef extraordinaire, he fills the kitchen with panache and flair. They say he’s a poet with flour and yeast, because those chocolate dainties are a feast.

Mother, Bronte Keats runs the Patisserie like clockwork, hard graft she’s never known to shirk! Efficient she is in every way, she even has time to chat and play. To all her customers she is a friend, to all their whims she does attend.

Brother, T S Eliot Keats, a name no one beats. The longest name of all, a real mouthful to recall. So Bronte has shortened it a lot, from Tennyson Swift to TS Eliot.

Sister, Shelley Keats, the apple of her father’s eye, works with him and makes him sigh. Her artistic flair with just plain dough, can turn a cake into a rich Gateau, and a plum-duffing into a princely plum pudding.

Keats Cat Twins

Clare and Dylan Keats, the twins with lots of treats. They are the family tasters, when it comes to food they are no wasters. If they like the latest recipe or creation, it is bound to be a great success across the nation!

Mulberry Racoon Family

Father Elma Mulberry is a very jovial chap, who just loves telling funny stories and jokes. He is happiest when at a 'Flea Market' because he can sell anything to anyone.

Mother Mae Mulberry motto is 'waste not want not'. And she is true to her word because she hates to throw anything away 'just because it might be useful.' That is why all the cupboards in their house are full of strange useful objects that she has collected over the years.

Brother Ike Mulberry loves to wander. The problem is that he has absolutely no sense of direction! So whenever he wanders off he inevitably gets lost-- which worries his family terribly.

Sister Candy Mulberry is a gentle, soft spoken girl who loves writing. Her greatest success to date is a poem she had published in the local paper about "Happy School Days.

Garden Barbecue Set

At the first sign of a lovely day the Sylvanian Families garden barbecue set always comes out. Maurice Chantilly is famous for his barbecue parties and marvellous hospitality. The food is always delicious and plentiful.

Belinda Brighteyes: 


There's no one friendlier than Belinda Brighteyes in all Sylvania. She loves to chat and, no mattter how busy she is, will always stop what she's doing and listen to everyone's latest tidings. If their new is bad she'll give them a sympathetic hug and if it's good she'll clap her tiny hands with happiness. This means that she herself always turns up late for everything, although of course no one in Sylvania ever seems to mind!

Peter Brighteyes:

Peter Brighteyes is the exact opposite of his twin sister. He never has time to chat with anyone as he's too busy training to be a long-distance runner. This means that he never knows what is going on in Sylvania, although according to him he doesn't care a jot. Indeed he loves to tease his sister about her soft heart and often pulls the pretty pink ribbon round her ear before running away as fast as he can. Of course, he lover her too really! 


Watermill Bakery
Christopher Apple-Blossom gets up early every morning to make hot fresh bread for the inhabitants of Sylvania. Using an old family recipe and only the finest ingredients Christopher's bread is the best in town.
Christopher Apple-Blossom included, other figures sold separately.

The New Arrival
Myriam Chantilly, known to all her friends as Mims, is a new mother. The latest addition to the family is young Jacques, a bouncing baby boy and a real bundle of joy. Jacques' family has bought him lots of welcoming presents such as a beautiful new crib and a special outfit and feeding accessories