Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Infinity Dreams Award

Yes I am still alive, I'm just rather preoccupied by other faucets of my life at the moment. ;)
But when Clare tagged me for this award, just to see if I was still active, I figured it would be good to at least put up this post after so long.

Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture ( Yeah ok well I've used the first one I found )
Thank the blogger who tagged you ( Done )Tell us 11 facts about yourself ( Will do )Answer the 11 questions ( Ayep )Tag 11 bloggers ( I'm not going to tag anyone, mostly because I'm not very active but also because I've no idea who I'd tag )

Right, ok, 11 facts.

#1 I'm a graduate of 12 years of homeschooling.
#2 I'm in the Waratah Girls Choir, which is honestly the most incredible community I've ever been part of!
#3 I had Vegemite on toast for breakfast.
#4 I am currently still in my pyjamas.
#5 I don't like liquorice.
#6 I'm currently active in two separate RolePlays.
#7 I have more unfinished stories (in my head and on paper) than I can count.
#8 The first time a galloped (as in on an equine ) I was actually only on a 12.2hh pony.
#9 I just had to get up and hold a sifter over a bowl for mum. ( she's cooking ;) )
#11 I am currently reading "This Present Darkness" by Frank. E. Peretti.

Now here are Clare's 11 questions for me.

#1Do you often dream when you sleep?
Yep, all the time. I love to dream. ( most of the time ;) )

#2What is the scariest dream you have ever had?
Being one who dreams often I've had my fair share of scares, but I haven't really had a dream that has truly frightened me for quite some time, and I can't recall my scariest.

#3What is one of your dreams for yourself for the future?
That whatever career path I may find myself on, I will be doing something that I enjoy.

#4What is one for your dreams for the world?
Hmm....well I suppose one of them would be that everyone would be able to treat each other with the same love and respect they show to themselves.

#5How many tags/awards have you done?
Haha, lost count.

#6What is a question you want to answer?
What is your favourite day of the week?

#7Can you answer it for me now?
Ok, it's close but I think I'd have to say Monday.

#8What is your favourite dreamy/relaxing music or soundtrack?
Oooh........good question. I don't have a favourite, but some of the music by BrunuhVille is very pleasant to listen to.

#9What is infinity times eleven?
Infinity x 11 = Infinity x 11

#10What is a dream of yours that had been fulfilled?
I galloped on a horse ( well, pony but yeah XD )

#11What place have you been where the scenery seems to go on for an infinite distance?
Most beaches at sunset/sunrise, where the water seems to go on forever.

Ok well thanks again Clare. That concludes this Award!


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