Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sylvanian Baby Carrier

Hi Everyone.
I'm going to show you how to make a Sylvanian baby carrier.
 This is one I made earlier.

     It can be worn on the back or chest.

                         These are the things you will likely need.
Decorations of your choosing
Needle and thread or hot glue gun ( I will be using the hot glue gun )
A Ruler

      Firstly, cut some fabric about 5cm long and around 4cm wide.
If you are using a needle and thread then I would make it a bit bigger than this and then hem the edges.
Next cut some ribbon around 7cm long, but measure around your figure just to be safe.
 Then, glue (sew) one end of the ribbon to the side of the fabric like so.
Do the same to the other side.
Next, fold and glue (sew) the small section of excess fabric over the glued ends of the ribbon.
Turn it over and it should look like this.
Now for the fun part, decorating! I am using beads for mine.
Just glue (sew) your decorations on.
Then Hay-Presto! Your Very Own Sylvanian Baby Carrier.
This idea was really good for me since I had many sleeping babies but no prams to put them in, and it's often difficult to get the parents to hold them. Hope you enjoy this and please comment.


    I made another account with blogger! real name!
    Loved watching Chipmunks yesterday with you!!
    Love Brid xox

  2. It looks sooo good!
    Would it be okay if I put it on my blog as well but say that Rosie told me how to do it. I would also send a link to your blog!
    Love Kitkat!

  3. The baby squirrel is sleeping so peacefully. So cute!! I like the baby carrier. Good job, Rosie. :-)