Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wooly PomPom Girl

Sally: ZZzzzzzzzzz...
Sally: Oh! Good Morning!

Sally: Just let me get up and I'll be right with you.

Sally: Hi there! My name is Sally, and I'm a Wooly PomPom Girl!

Sally: Rosie brought me to life and now I'm living on her desk.

Sally: I probably should get dressed now. Hmmm, what to wear.

Sally: Hey, could you give a girl some space!?

Sally: A little privacy please.

Sally: There, all done. Do you like my outfit?

Sherbit: Sherbit!
Sally: Oh Sherbit, you startled me!

Sally: This is Sherbit. He is my pet Sparkle Frog.
Sherbit: Sherbit!

Sally: Well, I guess I'll see you around! Bye!
Sherbit: Shherbiiit!