Sunday, 16 June 2013


Last week, Mum and I went with some friends to see Cavalia in Sydney!
It was created by one of the co-founders of Cirque Du Soleil! A horse circus like no other it is an experience I will never forget!

It was amazing!

It was enchanting!

It was moving!

It was graceful!

It was powerful!

It was exciting!

But above all it was eye-opening!
A show of true horseman-ship.........

.....and beauty!

Words cannot describe this show!

The horse is truly one of God's greatest creations!
And I am privileged to have seen how incredible they can be!

Cameras weren't allowed, these pics are from the internet.


  1. Wow that would have been magical, amazing and so beautiful. Horses are Gods most beautiful animal created!!! and if there is a more beautiful one I have yet to see it!

  2. Oh my wow, that looks incredible!! Wish'd I could have seen it too. Isn't it sad that don't allow you to take photos? :P We couldn't take photos at Riverdance, which was really sad. :(