Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Attempt and a Weird Snack

Hey guys!

The other day I decided that I would try to make an Arabian style halter for my new schleich mare.

 I had never actually done this before, but I had seen pictures of other people's.
So I got myself a hot chocolate and tucked myself away in my room.

I didn't have any tassels handy and since I didn't know how to make them I just settled for this wool.
So first I measured some ribbon, cut it to length and glued it into an L shape.

After some more gluing I attached the wool to the sides.

My hot chocolate was almost finished by now.
And my desk looked something like this.
Then finally I added some wire to the neck band so it would hold its shape, and made the noseband out of chain.

It's not the greatest but it's not bad for a first attempt.

Now, in other news. LOL!
Last night I felt like something sweet, and my Dad, who has a real sense of humour and tends to joke a lot, said he'd make me something to eat. He said it would be something great and that I'd never tasted anything like it. I thought he was joking and that he was going to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich or something. Boy was I wrong! Instead he made me something he said was a sweet sensation! This!
It's a combo of jam, peanut butter, honey, golden syrup, hot chocolate powder and who knows what else!
Now I know what your thinking, there's no way your going to eat that right? Well I did try it and it actually tasted like peanut butter and honey! I ended up eating it all! I must have been hungry! :0
Thanks for reading guys!


P.S Still waiting for suggestions for my filly's showname.
Please comment.


  1. You've got nice blog! <3 Perfect. :D Arabian mare, and the halter are beautiful. <3 I should this mare! ^^ I'm from Poland, sooo... You guess? :3 my blog is WWW.JULIANNA7.BLOGSPOT.COM
    WISHES ^^
    PS. Google Translator for mine blog. :3

  2. Now your horse is looking fancy ;) nice job!

    Pass some of that wonderfully sweet concoction here! Looks amazing!

  3. Could you send in some photo's of your Filly show horse? Mightmake it easier to come up with a name!! LOL!!!
    love Kitkat