Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I Got At Frontline

Hi Everyone!
I know I haven't posted for a while, so sorry about that.
I recently went to Frontline Hobbies and got a few things.

This is Gifted Grace or Grace. I am yet to make her files page.
I love her position, it's very different from the other schleich horses.
She is an Arabian.

This is King Caspian or Caspian. I haven't made his file page yet either.
He is a real beauty, and is also an Arabian.

This is Arabian Knight or Arab. No, haven't made his page yet.
He is a very interesting colour, I think it's either bay or dark chestnut. Anyone know?

The we have Lady Abigail or Abbie. Haven't made her page yet.
If anyone can think of a better showname for her than Lady Abigail, then please let me know.
Just try to keep it so her nickname can be Abbie.

And here we have May Cropper. David's daughter. She's eight years old I think.

Well that's pretty much all at the moment. I'll try to post more often in future.


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