Sunday, 13 April 2014

Manga Madness!

Hi all!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I'll try to do better. :)

Anyway, I have been practicing my manga drawing skills, so I thought I'd put up some pics of my progress. These pics are over the last couple of weeks.

My first attempt at a guy.

My first attempt at a girl.

An attempt at colouring hair that turned into an attempt to create an (angry?) expression. XD

My first coloured attempt.

I drew my friend in manga form, it was also my first attempt at drawing the whole upper body. :D

Side on. :)

Sad face. :(

Just another pencil drawing.

Sunset silhouette! :D

Entire body pose.

My most recent attempt.

For the coloured pictures I use Copic markers as well as some pastels. ( especially in the sunset pic :) )
Hope you liked the pics!



  1. Wow! You are an amzing drawer!
    Love Sarah~

  2. lovely! your are such a good drawer. so talented at adding the colour. I love it!


  3. awesome pictures!!!
    Also, I tagged you...

  4. Wooaahh. O.O That is awesome! :D