Saturday, 3 November 2012

All In A Days Work

Ahren Dale, sponsor of Willow Tree Farm, has come by to have a ride. Before this however, he has promised to help David with a job.
He walks over to the office and knocks on the door. No answer. He opens the door.
" Hello, David?," he calls. However, the office is empty.
Walking out of the office, Ahren decides to check the arena.
He then spots David and his oldest daughter Pippa, working with Caspian.
Moonshadow is tethered nearby and looks on with little interest.
" Hello David," Ahren says cheerfully. " So what's this job that needs to be done?"
"Good morning Ahren," David replies. " Well, Peach and her foal Braveheart need to be put back in their stall. There's supposed to be a storm coming and it'll be Braveheart's first experience of one. I'm just not sure how he'll react."
"Alright then," Ahren answers. " I'll go catch them."
He then walks off to the tack and feed shed.
Outside the shed, Ahren hears a greeting whinny.
Gypsy is tacked up and waiting to be ridden.
" Hello there girl," Ahren smiles. " Looks like Basil has tacked you up for me. I just have one job to do, and then we'll go for a ride. Shouldn't take too long girl."
He turns around to open the door and walks in.
Ahren walks over to where the halters are hanging. There are many of them.
After some searching he finds Peach's halter.....
....and lead.
He makes his way to the mare and foal pasture.
Once there, his eyes search the paddock.
He spots the two Falabellas eating hay over in the corner of the pen. They look quite small next to the tall Clydesdales.
Ahren slowly approaches the ponies, calling Peach.
He kneels down as Peach walks closer......
.....and gently slips on her halter.
He then stands and calls, " Here Braveheart, come on boy."
The foal doesn't move.
"Here boy," Ahren calls again. " Come here Braveheart."
Still the young colt makes no move to come close.
Ahren decides to take Peach, and then come back for her foal.
Once he had placed the mare in the stall she shared with Major, Ahren made his way back to retrieve Braveheart.
Several minutes later and Braveheart is still not with his mother.
Ahren leans on the fence and thinks for a moment.
" Aha," he exclaims, " I've got it!"
And he rushes off to the shed.
After retrieving what he needs, Ahren returns to the pasture. Braveheart is taking refuge under India.
" I have a treat for you," Ahren smiles.
Braveheart snorts, but looks on.
Then, Ahren sits down and holds out an apple.
" Come on boy," he urges gently. " Come on."
Slowly but surely, Braveheart inches closer....
......and closer......
....and closer, until finally....'s his!
" Whew," Ahren sighs as he carries Braveheart to the stall. " All in a days work."
Now Braveheart was back with his mother.
" See-ya later you two," Ahren says happily. " Now, finally.....
.....I can have my ride!"
And with that he walks off leading Gypsy, for a long, enjoyable afternoon of riding.
                                                                      THE END!


  1. What a nice story! Great work on it.I've always wanted to make a story,and I totally should :]

    1. Thanks! :)
      I hope your story turns out well.


  2. Hey Rosie, I love your story!
    Am I coming over on Wednesday?
    Love Sararose xox

    ps. please email me!

  3. Hello Rosie,

    I don't have any horses but I love this story! You've done great job with the scenes, I like Your handmade items very much! :)

    Best regards!