Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Doll Divine Madness!

Hi guys and gals.
I just found an awesome site. Doll Divine !
This is just one maker that is on the site. There are many others including cats, horses, tudors, and fantasy.
I made Billy, a horse I rode at riding classes.

I made myself in horse form. LOL!

This is a character that I made out of a book.

And these are just some random characters that I made.

I have also made some cats for the characters I'm roleplaying as in a warrior cats RPG.
Sundrop, a main character.

Ravenclaw, a main character.

Hollystep, Medicane cat.

Thornstar, Riverclan leader.

So yeah, go check it out, it's worth it.
I'll try to post again soon.

P.S While I've got this RPG going I'll have a page showing current characters. Bye.


  1. let me guess "Tammylane the wild man" is from the book The children of Cherry-Tree Farm?! Am I right?

    I've read the book. It's great. I learnt a lot from it.

  2. PS: what is the " I tag you" thing? I can't find it.

    1. Yes, Tammylane is from the book Cherry-Tree farm.
      The I tag you thing, well, just go to June and find a post titled Tagged.


  3. Wow! How cool! I am going to visit that site now!