Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Girls

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'll try to find more stuff to post about.

The other day I brought home two new members of my family.
Daisy and Lavender!

Now before you squirm and squeal and say, ewwwww! Let me tell you a little something.
These little ones are nothing like their wild counterparts. Lavender, the brown one, has silky fur and crawls right onto my hand if I ask her. Daisy is younger and so is a little more timid, but she is as soft as a cloud and as cute as, as cute as.........well, a baby mouse! The two are cousins and I love them dearly!
Here are some more pics of them.

Sorry about the quality. Mice don't stay still for long you know. LOL!
Also the Willow Tree Farm Page has been updated.
Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh, so cute! I want a these animals! I love it! :)
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    Regards, Julianna

  2. oh my goodness! daisy looks like a puffy little cloud an I want to take her away for myself!! ahh she is too cute!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I'm glad you like them!


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  5. Oh!! They are so cute!! You must be cuddling them all day long :)

  6. Wonderful blog and sweet pets. I invite you to blog, please comment :).

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  8. Congratulations to your new family members, Rosie! Daisy and Lavender are so pretty! :-) Give each mouse a kiss from me!! :-*