Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another Day In Willow Tree Village

                          It's a wonderful day in Willow Tree and everyone is doing something.

The village boys are at soccer practice. Look at Ralph! Go Ralph Go!!

Gordon is the coach. Listen to his shouts of encouragement!

All of the boys love soccer. There is a big game coming up soon, so all the boys are concentrating
Frasier and Spencer are staying to watch their sons practice.
As are Candy and her mother Mae. " Go Ike go!" she cheers.
Let's head over to the bakery to see what's cooking.
Well who do we have here? It's Cedric on babysitting duty! He has decided to drop in to see his cousin on his way to pick Ralph up from soccer.
Christopher is thrilled to see his cousin! And immediately he offers him a hot bun!
  And soon the two are drawn into a hearty conversation full of laughter.
What about at Beechwood Hall? Let's wander in and see what's happening!
It looks as though the Keats are visiting, and Bronte is in the kitchen. I wonder what she's looking for?
The girls Saffron and Shelly are just going upstairs to play in Saffron's room.
In the lounge room, Alyssa and Dylan are having a good romp on the floor.......
.....while little Claire is snoozing away upstairs.
In the master bedroom, Ambrose just won't sit still, much to his mother's dismay, as she tries to dress him for the guests.
 Well, that should be enough nosing around for now. Please come and visit again soon.

P.S I won't be on Blogger for about a month as I'm going away on a trip to The Great Ocean Road and Ballarat.


  1. they are so cute! : )

    do you live in Australia?


    1. Thanks Chantelle!
      Yes I do live in Australia.
      In fact I know you in real life! hehe